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Celebrating Excellence: My Journey to the Top 40 Business Icons of 2022

Celebrating Excellence: My Journey to the Top 40 Business Icons of 2022

Celebrating Excellence: My Journey to the Top 40 Business Icons of 2022

As I sit to pen down my thoughts, a sense of profound gratitude envelops me. The journey to being named one of the Top 40 Business Icons by Outlook Business Spotlight Magazine has been exhilarating, to say the least. This accolade is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the collective spirit of my team at GIBS Business School, a top business school in Bangalore.


The Inception of a Vision

Looking back, the inception of GIBS Business School was the seed of a vision to nurture leaders who would not only excel in their professional realms but also contribute meaningfully to society. We started with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between academia and the dynamic needs of the industry. It was a challenge, given the ever-evolving business landscape, but one that we were ready to meet head-on.


The Uphill Climb

The path was strewn with challenges. In the initial days, our efforts were met with skepticism. Could a new institution carve a niche in the saturated domain of business education? We persevered, fueled by the belief in our pedagogical methods, industry-relevant curricula, and the untiring spirit of our faculty and students.

Recognition: A Milestone, Not a Destination

Being featured in the esteemed Outlook Business Spotlight Magazine is a milestone that marks the distance we’ve covered in our journey. It is a moment of pride for every member of the GIBS family. This recognition is a validation of our persistent efforts and a reminder that the pursuit of excellence is a never-ending quest.

The Essence of Leadership

This recognition brings to the fore the essence of leadership that we espouse at GIBS Business School. True leadership is about creating more leaders, not followers. It is about instilling confidence in each student to challenge the status quo and empowering them to think beyond the conventional.


A Culture of Innovation

At GIBS, we’ve fostered a culture of innovation where ideas are not just encouraged but celebrated. Our incubation center has been a crucible for entrepreneurial ventures, many of which have gone on to make significant impacts in their respective fields.

Sustainability and Responsibility

In the throes of business breakthroughs, we’ve remained committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We understand that businesses operate within a larger societal context and have endeavored to instill this consciousness in our students.

The Future Beckons

Looking ahead, the horizon is filled with opportunities. As the business world becomes increasingly globalized and digitized, our focus is on preparing leaders who are not only adept at navigating complex business challenges but are also conscientious citizens of the world.

A Word of Thanks

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Outlook Business Spotlight Magazine for this honor. My gratitude also goes out to every student, alumnus, faculty, and staff member of GIBS Business School. As an educationist, this accolade belongs to each one of you, embodying our collective commitment to excellence in learning and development.

Final Reflections

As we celebrate this moment, we are reminded that recognition is not the end goal. It is a beacon that lights the path forward. It reaffirms our commitment to excellence and is a clarion call to continue our endeavors in shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.

In closing, I invite every aspiring entrepreneur, every trailblazing innovator, and every determined leader to join us in this journey of continual learning and growth. Let us work together to create not just successful businesses but a thriving, equitable, and sustainable world for generations to come.

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