Ritesh Goyal (RG)- Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, Author, and MD of GIBS Business School, Bangalore


Dreamer | Visionary | Winner

For those who believe in their dreams, their success becomes a story that continues to inspire people for generations. The story of Mr. Ritesh Goyal (Journey from Hindi medium to IIM Bangalore) is similar, which incites him to do something big in life because of his self-confidence, passion, and determination. Mr. Ritesh Goyal is a multifaceted talent. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of the prestigious Goyal Group, a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist, personal branding business coach, consultant, and an inspiring business leader.

His success today may dazzle the world, but he has come a long way to get here. On this journey, he had to go through many difficulties. Every medal attached to his name has a story of transformation hidden behind it. Coming from a simple family, a boy who couldn’t even speak English confidently is now teaching business leaders worldwide the secrets of strategic success through his coaching.

An Inspiring Personality

So many achievements at such a young age may seem like a dream. But this is only a glimpse of the countless stories of the dreamer who knows how to make his dreams come true. Mr. Goyal has changed thousands of lives with his vision and is still moving ahead in this work.

Important Awards & Achievements

  • Business Icon Award 2022 by Outlook Business Spotlight
  • ASMA Academic Excellence Award 2022
  • Honored as “India’s Top 40 Under 40” in Education 2021
  • Best Educationist Award received from Sharmila Tagore at World Education Summit, featured in Hindustan Times, Business World, and Times of India
  • Appointed as an Advisory Board for the Global Business Federation, Dubai, and India

Rising as an Entrepreneur

Mr. Goyal began his career in 2009, when the world was drowning in the challenges of the global recession. After completing his PGDM, with thousands of dreams in his eyes, he stepped into his professional career, but the path was not so easy. He started his career with the Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training. During this, he realized that challenges often bring opportunities along with them. He saw opportunities in challenges and continued to work with enthusiasm and passion. After a short stint at Frank Finn, he joined a startup institution, Excel Business Academy, where he got three promotions within a year. He left the job the day he was made director of marketing. He had come to know the purpose of his life. He felt that rather than wasting time on random jobs, he should join a cause where he could truly help many people and transform thousands of lives.
During the next four years, Mr. Goyal set up eight successful ventures in cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Pune. Building a company is not an easy task. Along with hard work, dedication, and being multifaceted, it is also important to have passion and zeal. Mr. Goyal adapted himself to these situations in such a way that each of his ventures set a benchmark for success. With the valuation of 100 Cr. His clear vision and unique understanding of business not only took the business forward but also gave a unique work template to other business leaders as well.

An Avid Learner & Reader

Mr. Goyal later became a part of the Leadership and GMP programme at IIM Bangalore. He always believes that continuous learning should be an essential quality of a business leader. A leader is always a good reader, and this fits perfectly with Mr. Goyal. It is because of their passion for reading and learning that they always find themselves among the best booksellers in the world. He has so far read thousands of books on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, business innovation, public speaking, and life skills. 

Top Ventures

  • Goyal Educational Trust, Bangalore
  • Global Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore
  • GIBS Business School, Bangalore
  • Global Business Forum
  • GIBS Social Foundation Trust
  • GIBS Digital IRE School
  • GIBS Digital Finishing School
  • Pathfinder Value Creations Pvt. Ltd.

A Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, and Author

Mr. Goyal is known as a motivational speaker, business coach, and author. His presence at an event draws a crowd of thousands. He has so far given more than 500 talks for corporate employees, leaders, students, and entrepreneurs. He is invited as a guest of honor and motivational speaker to prestigious universities in India and abroad. He has so far graced an audience of more than fifty thousand with his thoughts and guidance. Also, he has been a part of several start-up forums and prestigious corporate forums around the world. These include the BNI Champions Chapter, which is a chapter of 120 of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs

Transformation through the BMP

Mr. Goyal and his capable team of entrepreneurs regularly organize Business Mastery Programs (BMP). Thousands of students and start-ups have been transformed into successes by being a part of this program. This programme remains in high demand, and its buzz always remains.


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