Ritesh Goyal (RG)- Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, Author, and MD of GIBS Business School, Bangalore

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The endurance and triumphs of those who chase their aspirations become a source of inspiration for generations to come. The narrative of Mr. Ritesh Goyal’s journey from Hindi medium to IIM Bangalore is akin to this. Driven by his self-assurance, passion, and determination, he was inspired to achieve greatness in life. Mr. Goyal is a polymath, serving as the Chairman and Managing Director of the illustrious Goyal Group, a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist, personal branding business coach, consultant, and an inspirational business leader.

His current success is a testament to the hardships he overcame on his journey. Every accolade he has earned represents a transformative experience. Hailing from a modest family, a boy who once lacked confidence in his English speaking abilities is now coaching business leaders worldwide on the principles of strategic success.


Serial Entrepreneur
Motivational Speaker
Entrepreneurial Consultant
Business Coach
Institutions Consulting



Sneha Chandrashekar
Sneha ChandrashekarCEO at Black & White Tech Writing Solutions Pvt Ltd.
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His avant-garde, forward thinking approach to his business sets Ritesh a class apart from the conventional ways & methodologies. Being a seasoned entrepreneur who carries an expertise in the education industry, Ritesh's vision 'GIBS' is all set to take management education to a level the world reckons with. A Classic Edupreneur.
Sujeet Jha
Sujeet JhaDirector - Learning & Development Careeer Shapers Pvt. Ltd.
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RG, Ritesh Goyal can be summed up in three words: Passion, Perseverance and Action. I have immensely benefited from his one-to-one sessions with me which were in the form of light conversations but left a deep impact on me. After every conversation with him, I have felt a change in myself towards being better as a person and as a professional. His passion has always touched and inspired me to move from 'good to great'. I am grateful to the Universe for his presence in my life as a mentor and a friend.
Shweta Rajput
Shweta RajputFounder & Managing Director - Imageimpakt
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I have huge respect for the commitment Mr. Goyal has to making a positive difference in his student's life. Working along with him is an experience I will always cherish. He makes sure to have a very positive environment around him and is always focused to achieve what he has set his mind on. It's an honour to know you Mr. Goyal. Keep creating many more success stories for yourself and the people around you!
Antarpreet Singh
Antarpreet SinghDigital Transformation leader, Innovator, Faculty & Researcher
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I have known Ritesh for the last 3 years. I have been witnessing his evolution as a thought leader, entrepreneur and education administrator. His ability to cultivate strong relationships is absolutely superb. He is soft spoken, extremely well mannered and at the same time full of dreams and determination. I had the opportunity to have a look at the goals he has set for the institution he is mentoring, nurturing and it was a WOW.
Srinivasan Subramanian
Srinivasan SubramanianExecutive Director - Koncept Ambience
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One of the traits of progressive entrepreneur or leadership is to be humble enough to know "I'm not better than anybody and wise enough to know that I'm different from the rest". Once this theory is imbibed you can definitely become a ruling entrepreneur like Mr. Ritesh Goyal... I call him - "RG" - in my own Thesaurus - "Royally Glittering"... Being a human, I am jealous of him... but in a positive manner. Wish RG best of luck in whatever he plans to take this mission forward and if at all, I can play any role... I'm always available... Best of luck RG... God Bless you.
Imran Syed
Imran SyedPeople Skills Trainer
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In my many years of association with Mr. Ritesh Goyal, I have seen him as an amazing people's person. His ability to work across teams and departments is a strength not everyone has. His patience during a delay or difficult situation is commendable, specially when the outcome isn't as planned and in situations such as the pandemic. His zeal towards any new idea or a new project is tremendous. Consistency is the core of his belief and his heart is filled with attitude for gratitude...
Mohan Kumar
Mohan KumarPractice Head - Wipro Limited
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Mr. Ritesh Goyal is well connected with the Management Education and a dynamic young Entrepreneur, He is shaping and transforming the future leaders at his institutions by setting and adopting the best practices by collaborating with Industry and Academia practitioners.
Padmashree Dr. Vasagam
Padmashree Dr. VasagamVeteran Space Scientist at ISRO
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Ritesh Goyal is a hard worker and honest to the profession. He has succeeded and supported the students to find their path. His empathic approach in addressing students' needs and supporting them is something every entrepreneur has to learn.
Dr. Pawan Aggarwal
Dr. Pawan AggarwalCEO, Mumbai Dabbawalas
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Very dynamic, confident, energetic and practical. Very much a leader, person who knows how to guide his team!
Mr. Sandeep
Mr. SandeepSr. Zonal Manager - Infoedge India
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Mr. Ritesh is a Charismatic Entrepreneur / Leader who knows how to connect with everyone and get things going. His Leadership qualities are a treat to watch, and his approach to handling a situation is entirely different from the crowd. I love his energy and the positive vibes that one can feel once he is around. He is a fantastic person with an evident vision of what he wants from life. His concepts are unique and very effective. It's been a privilege working with him over the years, and there is much information sharing in discussions with him. Wishing him all the very best!!


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