Dreamer | Visionary | Winner

Behind every successful story lies a story of struggle, a story of waiting to be heard. Some stories are worth sharing. The inspiring story of Mr. Ritesh Goyal, Chairman & Managing Director of Goyal group is one among them.

The transition from a struggler who fought hard to develop a single sentence in English to an individual who is redefining the standard of business education, worth appreciation, is quite an interesting and inspirational story.

After completing his MBA in 2009, he received a great setback as the year faced the worst recession ever. Following which, he decided to join Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training. It was not too long before Mr. Ritesh Goyal realized that when the market scenario is bad, you have more opportunities to grow. After a brief stint at Frankfinn, he joined a start-up institution called Excel Business Academy, where he worked for one year with three promotions and quit on the day he was promoted to Director, Marketing. He had found his calling.

With the unbridled support of his younger brother Mr. Ravi Goyal, he founded Pathfinder. The rest, as they call, is history. In four years, Mr. Ritesh Goyal has raised Seven successful ventures spread across Bengaluru, Delhi and Pune. Donning the hat for so many ventures in such a short period may seem like a herculean task for many, but not for Mr. Ritesh Goyal. He has always had a clear understanding and business acumen to know how to make the best of any given situation.

His Humble Ventures Are

  • Goyal Educational Trust, Bangalore
  • Global Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore
  • GIBS Business School, Bangalore
  • Pathfinder Value Creations Pvt. Ltd.
  • Global Business Forum – 5000 Business Members
  • GIBS Social Foundation
  • G-Trio (Story of 3 Brothers)

He is managing 165 Employees in all his ventures. 2 CEOs and 4 Directors are managing the entire group.

He is a Motivational Speaker, Personal Branding Coach, Business Coach, Startup Specialist & Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He has Delivered 500+ Talks to Corporate Employees, Leaders, Students and Entrepreneurs.

He has been hosted by Several Top Universities such as INSEAD, IIM, IIT and Indian School of Business.

He has also been hosted by Many Startup forums, Corporate such as BNI Champions Chapter (World’s Largest Chapter of 120 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs), Inspiration Unlimited and many more.

He has addressed more than 50000 audience.

He and His Team of Entrepreneurs are hosting a very successful 1 Year (150 Hrs) EAE (Everything about Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneur) Program with 150+ Entrepreneurs.

He Lives his 6am to 11am as victory time (ME Time) and pursues Meditation, Workouts, Life Skills Speeches and Laughter yoga with a group of 15 CEOs and 6Pm to 11pm as We Time for Family and Social Connects.

He has successfully conducted Teacher’s and Director’s Training Program on Life Skills, Core Values and principles in more than 50 Colleges and Universities in India and aiming at 500 within next 3 years.

He and His team of Intellectuals have done the consulting (End to End Solutions) with 10+ Educational Institutions in India Under Pathfinder Value Creations Private Limited and aiming at 100 within next 3 years.

He has given free education to Karnataka govt schools and colleges with his team of intellectuals and students in GIBS Social Foundation Trust and aiming at achieving 10000 students in next 3 years.

Having achieved so much without any financial background and that too within 35 years of age is something to get inspired about. This is a story which generations to come will read and find their role model.